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First day of classes on my final year of school and yet I’m skipping class.

But I am not skipping class for the reason I want to skip class. For the reason I am skipping class is the reason why I am not skipping class for what I want to skip class for.

In another words, surf tomorrow (and all this week) is going to be amazing but I have this new tattoo meaning I can’t go out and surf at all for at least two weeks. But because I have this fresh tattoo, I am skipping class tomorrow to ensure one last buffer day of initial healing before I’m comfortable putting a shirt on over it. When really I want to skip class so I can surf. I mean, I only have one class tomorrow anyway and it’s for my minor regardless.

  • Track Name

    Swing Life Away

  • Album

    Siren Song of the Counter Culture

  • Artist

    Rise Against

18/365 - A song you would consider part of the “soundtrack” of your life

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