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Am i a womfn? Am i a womfn?

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    Blood Pressure

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    Odd Soul

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23/365 - Song from a band or artist that you have met in person

Already did MuteMath but the day I saw them was literally probably one of the luckiest day of my life (it was also on St. Paddy’s Day) and of course spent it with one of my best buddies. Met them twice actually and even had a conversation with Darren King (who is one of the most skilled drummers ever) because he’s from Marshfield, MO which is like five miles outside of my hometown of Springfield.

Welp. Bound to happen eventually. Screen cracked on my phone. It’s not bad but just to ensure prevention of further crack propagation, was able to find a $30 screen film for $5 online. I just hope I don’t fuck it up further between now and when it comes in.

  • Track Name

    All Along The Watchtower

  • Artist

    Jimi Hendrix

22/365 - A song from a band or artists (member(s) decease )you would have loved to have seen

Seeing as this man’s innovation and pioneering, let alone smooth as fuck guitar licks, had such an impact in modern rock and roll, with thousands of artists attributing him as an influence (with his style echoed in many band’s techniques), I would have loved to see this guy on stage.

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